Interning at Uptake


Founded in 2014, Uptake is a data science platform which partners with industry leaders in large-scale verticals to provide insights and solutions based on their assets. In 2017, Uptake was valued at $2 billion USD after receiving $40 million in Series C round funding. Uptake was one of the first companies to emerge as a leader during the fourth industrial revolution.

Intern Experience

Interns from Summer 2017 came from universities across the United States ranging from Carnegie Mellon to Yale. Positions include Software Engineering, Marketing, and Data Science interns. We had a lot of fun this year. The work we did was impactful, working directly with teams to solve challenging technical and business challenges. In addition, Uptake took us on adventures throughout the Summer including the Chicago Architectural Boat Tour and Indoor Skydiving.


Within the first week of starting our internship the CEO, Brad Keywell, sat down for breakfast with the interns. We were told the company’s story from its inception through its experiences these past 3 years. Brad concluded with a message that this internship, we would be challenged to contribute at the same level as our full-time counterparts.

Uptake has a culture devoted to deep work and continuous improvement. One of my highlights from the summer was the sphere garden, where I was able to meditate every morning when I arrived at work. Throughout the office there are pods, bean bag chairs, and even a new library where employees can put themselves in a situation where they are able to achieve deep work and flow.

In addition to a culture of deep and meaningful work, Uptake is built around improving employees happiness. They have 3 fully stocked kitchens free for employee use. I would typically show up to work and drink a fruit smoothie, followed by yogurt and a granola bar. Lunch varied depending on the day, my favorite meal at Uptake this summer was the Caesar chicken wrap and their French toast cake balls.


Uptake’s mission is to be “the actionable insights platform, creating products and solutions, that makes industry more productive, secure, safe, and reliable”

Uptake is a principle-centered company. When the business objectives changed in July, Brad called the entire company of 700 employees together to personally tell us what the new objectives were as well as why each one had been chosen.

beyond.uptake, the philanthropic arm of Uptake, works to address the world’s most pressing problems. The problems they are currently seeking to solve include providing human anti-trafficking organizations the insight they need to better identify victim profiles. For first-generation college applicants, beyond provides a list of schools that give them the best chance of admission and graduation. For animal poaching, beyond is developing an application assists with patrol route planning, knowledge sharing, and drone footage analysis.


I leave Uptake excited to continue learning and growing. I would highly recommend Uptake to anyone looking to make a large impact on this world in an exciting work environment. They’ve got over 50 open positions at time of writing, check them out here.

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